How to trade with the EU

DCFTA Facility

The DCFTA Facility Programme (200 million Euro) is created for Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine and is aimed to support SMEs. Via this program, EBRD granted the Bank of Georgia the first tranche of USD 50 million USD. This programme will facilitate access to finance for Georgia’s private sector, in order to help companies fulfil the DCFTA requirements and reequip factories with appropriate standards. Loans would be issued in national currency with a five years grace period. The programme contains grant components as well. In addition to loans, beneficiaries of the programme would also be offered counselling services to help them better fulfil the requirements and set appropriate standards.

The funding under DCFTA Facility will:

  • Help SMEs to seize new trade opportunities with the EU, accessible thanks to the DCFTA;
  • Improve access to finance for SMEs, enabling them to make the necessary investments to increase their competitiveness;
  • Allow SMEs to integrate into global value chains by becoming business partners of foreign direct investors;
  • Enable SMEs to comply with new sanitary, phytosanitary, technical and quality standards, as well as with environmental protection measures, thereby benefiting local customers and boosting exports to the EU and beyond.

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