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A standard is a document developed on the basis of a consensus and registered by the National Authority, laying down the rules, general principles or specifications for universal and multiple use in order to optimize different types of activities or their outcomes in the specific field.

Georgian standards obtain a legal status after their registration at the national standards registry provided by LEPL - Georgian National Agency for Standards and Metrology (GeoSTM).

Types of Standards in Georgia

  • Georgian Standard – A standard registered by the Georgian National Agency for Standards and Metrology which may be adopted on the basis of an international or regional standard, as well as by the relevant technical committee;
  • International/Regional standard – A standard adopted by the International Standardization Organization (ISO, IEC/CEN, CENELEC), which may be adopted as the Georgian standard;
  • State Standard (GOST) – A standard used in Georgia in the framework of the Agreement of 13 March 1998 between state leaders of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
  • Company Standard – A standard developed by an entrepreneur, which covers specific technical requirements met by a product, process or service. The internal company standard shall not be deemed as a standard for other persons, shall not need registration and shall not be subject to application of this Law;
  • Declared Standard – A standard applied by the producer and referring to the application of the standard concerned, including the internal company standard.

Work within the standardization field

Elaborating and/or registration of Georgian Standards can be conducted based on a request from an interested person. The relevant technical committee will elaborate the standard, and enter it into the Georgian Standards Registry. The relevant committee of the agency will not elaborate the Georgian Standard in a field for which

  • There already is an international/regional standard;
  • There is low demand.

Elaboration and registration of Georgian Standards

  • Official letter to the Agency for the elaboration and/or registration of Georgian standards;
  • Check information on availability of international/regional standards in the relevant field. If same standards already exist or it is in the process of elaboration, a Georgian standard will not be developed;
  • The reviewing of the Georgian standard by a technical committee will start after approval by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development;
  • The technical committee takes decision on adoption of standard by consensus;
  • The Government of Georgia should approve use of the elaborated standards in Georgia;
  • Registration of the elaborated standard as a Georgian Standards in the national standards registry.

Registration of International/Regional standards as a Georgian Standard, by full translation method:

  • Official letter to the Agency for the registration of standard, with full translated international/regional standard text;
  • Review of translated standards by relevant technical committee of Agency;
  • Relevant technical committee decision on adoption of this standard;
  • Registry of standard.

Registration of Georgian Standards by “cover page” method:

  • Official letter to the Agency for registration of standard;
  • Finding of relevant standard;
  • Registry of standards by agency.
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